Our Story:

Hearing Solutions of Long Island was founded to give back to a community that has been our home for a long time. Dr. Stuart Shalom Motechin cares deeply about his patients and his practice, and he believes in the importance of bringing a personal touch to everything we do. We are invested in your success and your hearing.

Because we are an independent practice, we are able to provide a high quality of care instead of rushing to meet sales quotas. Above all, we believe that patients should be involved in determining their own treatment plan. Our expertise allows us to evaluate your individual hearing loss and make recommendations for the best treatment options available, but ultimately the decision to pursue treatment or not is up to you.

Why Choose a Licensed Audiologist?

You can find cheap hearing aids online or in chain stores, or you can go to a hearing instrument specialist if you’re trying to save money — but in the long run you’ll get more for your money if you trust your hearing in the hands of an audiologist. Audiologists have years of higher education and a required internship before they can even begin seeing patients, and that extra knowledge and experience gives them a better understanding of your hearing system and a deeper understanding of hearing loss.

You’re not just buying hearing aids, you’re getting access to a specialist who can customize the fit of your hearing aids and better ensure that their programming suits your needs. In the case of Hearing Solutions of Long Island, the purchase of hearing aids comes with unlimited complimentary visits, so you won’t pay a cent if you need adjustments or have concerns. If you want a personal touch and a long-term connection with a medical professional who puts your needs first, you’ll get that from an audiologist like Dr. Motechin.

“I love what I do. I love my patients. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my patients being successful.”

~ Dr. Stuart Shalom Motechin

Dr. Stuart Shalom Motechin : Audiologist

Dr. Stuart Shalom Motechin


I’ve been practicing as a licensed audiologist and hearing specialist since 1997. I’ve been in private practice since 1999 in Brooklyn Heights where I served as director of audiology services at Long Island College Hospital for 11 years until the hospital closed. I opened Hearing Solutions of Long Island, located in the heart of the Five Towns in Cedarhurst, in 2010 to serve the community I’ve resided in since 1997. In 2011, I opened a second location in the heart of Boro Park and am affiliated with Maimonides Medical Center. I received my bachelor’s degree in audiology and speech pathology as well as my master’s degree in audiology from the City University of New York Brooklyn College. I completed my doctorate in audiology from the University of Florida in May 2012.

I believe a patient's motivation is the single most critical factor for a successful hearing instrument experience. If you're aware of a decrease in your hearing and want improvement, please come see me for an evaluation. I look forward to helping you find the hearing solution specifically designed to meet your needs.